Y Online Account

Creating your Online Account

In order to register for programs online, you will need to create an Online Account using the email address on file for your membership. If you are unsure what that email address is, this is the perfect time to call or stop by the Y and update your contact information so you can take full advantage of the enhanced online capabilities offered via your Online Account.

If you are a non-member registering for programs, you will also need to create an Online Account using the email address you used to register for any past programming. If you have not recently registered for any programming, you can still create a new online account.

Create your Online Account

What can I do with my online account?

  • Update contact information
  • Update billing information
  • Register for programs
  • Pay your balance
  • Schedule payments
  • View registrations
  • View facility visits
  • Add Authorized Pickup
  • Make a donation to the Y
  • View your signed agreements and waivers
  • View billing history
  • Change your password

Need help getting set up?

Set Up Your Online Account
How to Register for Programs
Payment Methods & Withdrawals

Stay connected to the Y

Staying in touch has never been easier! Make sure you’re connected with the Y and be the first to know when there are changes to facility hours, programming, weather updates and more.

Update Your Email Settings
Update Your Text Message Settings

Account FAQ

If you are having trouble gaining access to your account please stop by the front desk or email [email protected] for further assistance.

Go to the Online Registration page and select the ‘Sign Up’ option in the top right corner. Click to select the Non-Membership type. Complete the information form with your contact information. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to save your non-member record with the option of adding any additional adults or children for whom you will be registering. Once you have finished adding additional individuals to your account, click next. Enter an email address and select a password to complete the creation of your account.

Once you are logged in, click the Settings icon next to the Edit Profile box. Select Change Password. Enter your current password and create a new password.

Once you are logged in, click the Edit Profile button. Here you can edit your contact information. If you need to edit contact information for another member on your account, click on their name in the Membership box.

Please note you cannot have the same email for multiple members in one family. For Family Memberships, please make sure the adult members have email addresses. For Youth Memberships, you should have a Non-Active Adult member added with the correct email address.

Once you are logged in, your dashboard will show a Visits section. You can view Last Check-In, Visits this Month and Visits Last Month. If you click View All, you will be able to view all facility usage at the YMCA.

Please note that only visits when you scan into the Y or were checked in by a staff will appear here.

Once you are logged in, click the blue barcode icon next to your picture. This will show your membership barcode. You can also save this to your Apple Pay or Google Wallet

Once you are logged in, on the Dashboard, click the Add Authorized Button near the top of the page or under the Membership box, select Authorized Pickups. Add Authorized Pickups for your child(ren) as needed.

YMCA Mobile App

It’s easier than ever to stay connected to the Y on the go! Our new and improved app will offer the same features as our old app, plus so much more. Download the app today and connect it to your online membership account.

YMCA Mobile App

Mobile App FAQ

Yes! Under your profile, select Connected Apps. Then select which app(s) you want to connect.

There are two ways to view the fitness class schedule. Under Gym you will see Upcoming Classes at the top of the app. Click View All to see the entire schedule and to filter down classes. You can also view the schedule by selecting the + button in the top right-hand corner, then select Find a Class.

Under Gym you will find the pool and gym schedules under the Classes section. Click View All to see the entire schedule and to filter down schedules.

If your barcode is not working when you try to scan in at the front desk, you might have entered the wrong barcode number. You can verify your barcode number in your My Y Account, under Membership or ask the front desk to confirm your barcode number.

xCapture is a quick way to track your workout by simply taking a photo of your cardio equipment control panel.  Select which workout to capture, take a picture at the end of your workout and hit submit. Make sure you have a clear picture!

Having a public profile means your activity will show up in the Latest Activity Feed and Leaderboard within the app. These will only be visible to other members of the Y. If you do not want your profile to be public, you can change this under the privacy settings.

Challenges are a way to stay engaged with other members! All challenges are created by Y Wellness staff. Members are encouraged to join and share your progress and success!

No, you do not need to book a class in order to attend any one of our fitness classes. Reservations are not required at this time.

If your icon is not showing the Y logo, you can change this under the app settings. Go to Settings > App Preferences > Use custom app icon > Switch on