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Health and Fitness

At the Mankato Family YMCA, we know that fitness involves more than working out.

It’s about making good choices to live well inside and out. You’re not only supported by staff, but you’re also part of a community that helps you be your best self at every age.
Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get stronger, eat healthier, fight disease, improve your energy, or lower stress, we have the people and programs in place to help.

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Personal Training

The Mankato Family YMCA offers Personal Training for members of all ages and abilities. Sessions can be one-on-one or with a buddy/small group. Our trainers are educated professionals with years of experience who can help anyone including working professionals, new moms, seniors, or triathletes. Sessions can be one hour or 30 minutes. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we can tailor a workout program to help you reach your goals.

Youth Wellness

We feel that providing wellness options for all ages is an important piece of supporting families in our community. To use the Wellness Center, youth ages 10-17 must complete a parent-authorized youth orientation. Youth can sign up for an orientation at the Wellness Desk in the Wellness Center. Youth are also welcome to attend all Group Fitness classes at the Y. (Ages 10-11 must be accompanied side by side with an adult guardian.)

YMCA Fit Start

Not sure how to get started? The YMCA Fit Start can help! Schedule an appointment with a certified YMCA personal trainer to start your membership right. During the appointment, we’ll work to set you up for success. This could include body composition assessment, flexibility, basic strength training, health history assessment or getting acquainted to the Wellness Center equipment. Stop by the Wellness Desk in the Wellness Center to get an appointment scheduled.

Group Fitness

How do you define wellness? At the Y, everyone designs their own path to wellness. Fast-paced or first-step, high-impact or low, there are plenty of ways to get where you want to be. Whatever your goals, the Y is ready to support you on your journey toward improved health.


Yoga and Pilates classes offer a total workout to strengthen the mind, spirit and body by improving core muscle groups of the body. These workouts include stretching and core muscle training exercises.

Water Aerobics

Water fitness can improve strength, flexibility, decrease body fat, facilitate rehabilitation and improve functionality for daily living. Our Water Aerobics classes offer a great workout that benefits people of all ages and abilities. All aquatic exercises can be tailored to fit your individual fitness needs. The water’s resistance helps build strength, endurance and it is stress- free on the body.

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