150 Challenge #1: 150-Rep Cardio Blast

Published On: January 5, 2024Categories: Healthy Living, Special Events

One of the fun things we have planned to help us celebrate 150 years is three separate 150 Fitness Challenges – and the first one starts on January 15th! You can join this challenge on our mobile app or pick up a tracking card at the Wellness Center desk. Every member who completes the challenge will receive a reward. Complete all three challenges, and receive some fun Y swag!

January 15 – February 11, 2024
150 Fitness Challenge: Cardio Blast

Amp up your cardiovascular endurance with this high-energy workout.


  1. Jumping Jacks (30 reps): Start with a classic exercise to get your heart pumping.
  2. Mountain Climbers (30 reps): Engage your core and boost your metabolism.
  3. High Knees (30 reps each leg): Elevate your heart rate with this dynamic move.
  4. Burpees (30 reps): A full-body exercise for strength and stamina.
  5. Step-Up Lateral (30 reps): Enhance your lower body strength and stability.

Challenge: Complete all exercises consecutively for a heart-pounding circuit. Rest for 1 minute between sets. Aim to complete 2 sets in total, 3 times per week, for four weeks.

Tip: Customize the challenge based on your fitness level. Modifications are always available. If you have questions, please reach out to Stacy, Director of Healthy Living for examples.

Record your Workout in the app or on a tracking card in the Wellness Center. You will find a 150-Rep Cardio Blast workout under the Training Plans on the mobile app. Complete the Cardio Blast challenge three times a week, for four weeks.

Get more information by watching these videos:

Join the 150-Rep Cardio Blast Challenge Video

150-Rep Cardio Blast Challenge Workouts 

Join the Challenge on the Mobile App & Track your workouts