How to Register for Summer Camp 2023

Published On: February 14, 2023Categories: Child Care & Camp Communications, Program Communications

Camp registration is just around the corner and the long wait is over…ONLINE REGISTRATION IS HERE! Being the first year we are running camp registration online, we want to ensure that we set you up for success. In this email, you will find the details you need to know to register for camp online.

Camp Registration Opening Dates

MEMS: February 15th @ 5:00am online

NON-MEMS: March 1st @ 5:00am online

Click here: How to Register for Camp

Camp Registration Tips & Tricks

  1. Attempt logging into your account before Feb. 15th, so you can be sure you remember your username and password. If you have any issues, please call the YMCA at 507-387-8255.
  2. Summer Camp registration will be available online at 5am on Feb. 15th. If you login into your account before 5am, the camps may not appear. Click the refresh button or logout and log back into your account, if you logged in before 5am.
  3. You can only register one child at a time, but you are able to register one child for more than one camp at a time. Keep in mind that once you click  ‘Register’, a spot will be held for your child in the camp you are currently registering for 30 mins. After 30 mins, your registration will still be in your cart however the spot won’t be held anymore. To completely reserve a spot you will need to complete payment at the end of the registration process.
  4. You will need to fill out the ‘Camper Questionnaire’ at least once for each child you are registering. After completing the ‘Camper Questionnaire’ once for a child, it should autofill in the next camp registration for that same child.
  5. The Mankato YMCA Camp Admin suggests printing out a ‘Summer Camp At A Glance’ and highlighting/marking each camp you’d like your child(ren) to attend. Have this sitting in front of you as you register, because the camps are listed in Daxko based on the week theme. For example, Voyagers Day Camp Week 2 (June 19-23) will be listed in Daxko as ‘Let the Games Begin’.
    1. If you follow the link, click on the ‘Coming Soon’ tab, and then click on the ‘Camp’ category box, you can view how the camps are listed in Daxko. 


Member Pricing

To receive member pricing, the camper must be a member at the time of registration. To keep member pricing, the camper must remain a member through the last day of camp they are registered for. You may apply for membership Financial Assistance at any time, however, program availability is not a guarantee.

Example: In order for the member rates to apply to your child(ren)’s camp registration, you will need to stop into the YMCA and have them join as a member(s) no later than Feb. 14th. Also, for member rates to apply to your child(ren)’s camp registration, YMCA membership must be kept from the point of registration through August 25th or the last day of camp attended.

Camp Financial Assistance

Camp financial assistance (FA) is available through Connecting Kids at and through the YMCA via the program FA application process. Program FA applications can be found online at or be picked up at the front desk.

You may apply for program FA at any time, however, program funds and availability are not a guarantee. The camp FA application window will be open until all funds have been distributed. Camp FA is granted by need on a first come, first served basis, and made available based on funds donated to the Mankato Family YMCA by the Strong Community Campaign, Grants, and Penguin Plunge. You will be notified of your application’s status and amount awarded via email.

Summer Camp Drop Policy

Those who wish to withdraw their registration for a camp must do so no later than two (2) full weeks before the camp is scheduled to start. The initial $25 deposit to register for camp is non-refundable and non-transferrable. No refunds will be given after the two (2) week policy prior to the start of camp. If you are registered for a program and you cancel your membership, you will be billed for the nonmember rate of the program.

Payment Policy

All camp balances must be paid in full by the 15th of the month prior to the camp your child(ren) attends: June camps by May 15th, July camps by June 15th, and August camps by July 15th. For questions on camp payments contact Susan Lyons at [email protected] or 507-345-9800.

Late Arrival/Early Pickup Policy

If a camper(s) arrives late to the YMCA (after 8:30am) and the camp in which the camper(s) is registered for has already departed, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to get their camper to the location of the camp. If a camper(s) needs to be picked up prior to camp check-out (before 4:30pm), it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to meet the camper(s) at the location in which their camp resides.

Communication Policy

Camp Staff’s priority is to be present with the campers. REMIND is the best resource to use to contact them directly. It is the responsibility of the parent to opt-in to the REMIND group for the camp their child(ren) is attending. Camp Staff will have access to REMIND from 7:15am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday. Communication received out of this time period may be answered but is not guaranteed until the following business day.