Updated Guests and Visitors Policies

Published On: September 3, 2020Categories: Uncategorized

UPDATED Guests & Visitors Policies

The following changes have been implemented as additional safety measures. This will be in effect starting September 8 until it is otherwise noted. To view our full Guests and Visitor policies, including age restrictions, please click here.

  • Visiting YMCA Members from other Minnesota YMCAs are allowed to use the Mankato YMCA
  • Day guests and visitors must be a Minnesota resident to enter the facility. To prove residency, a Minnesota driver’s license or current mail with name and address will need to be provided with each visit.
  • All guests and visitors must have an updated waiver signed and on file.
  • All guests and visitors must have a reservation to use the facility, however reservations cannot be made for guests and visitors ahead of visit. Appointments can be made upon entry to the YMCA.
  • Updated Guests & Visitors Fees:
    • Guest: $2 per person
    • Youth: $10 per youth
    • Adult: $15 per adult
    • Family: $20 per family unit
  • For guests coming in with members, only two individual guests or 1 family unit are allowed per single adult member or family members.