[ Photo I.D. required with each visit. ]

Day passes

Non-members can purchase a daily pass.

Youth: $10 
-Age 17 and under must have a parent/guardian present to sign visitor waiver.
-Age 9 and under must have a parent/guardian with them at all times.

Adult, 18+: $15

Family, Parent/Guardian + dependents: $20

Guests of Members – $2 per guest

  • Members 16 and older may bring guests to the Y.
  • Guests of any age must complete a visitor form and those 18 and older are required to show a photo ID upon each visit.
  • Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian complete the visitor form prior to facility entry.
  • Members are responsible for their guest and must accompany them and remain in the facility.
  • Guests 9 and younger must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.
  • Members are not allowed to bring in groups of guests.
  • The Y reserves the right to limit guest passes.
  • An individual can be a guest at the Mankato Family Y 5 times per calendar year.
  • Visiting Y members (From other YMCAs) can not bring in guests.
  • Y guests can not bring in guests.

Youth open hours

• All youth 9 years of age and under must always be accompanied by an Adult* unless enrolled in a program

• One (1) hour prior to the YMCA closing, youth 15 years of age or younger are not to be in the facility unless accompanied by an Adult*

*Supervising Adult is 18 years of age and older

NOTE: Youth participating in a YMCA program or with a responsible party age 18 or older are not affected by the hours


The Mankato Family YMCA is currently only allowing visiting YMCA Members from other Minnesota YMCA facilities. Membership will be verified with each visit. 

We want to encourage members to utilize the Y as often as they can. Sometimes, it’s more convenient for members to utilize a Y in a different location when traveling, near a workplace, or in another region.

The reciprocal membership program is valid for YMCA full facility/full privilege members only. Program-only participants may upgrade to a full membership at any time to qualify. Silver Sneakers members may only use other Silver Sneakers locations. Silver & Fit is only valid at your home YMCA – Not valid on Nationwide Membership.

Visitors must present a valid YMCA membership card, a photo ID, and complete a waiver or standard membership application form.

YMCA full facility/full privilege members must use their home branch at least 50% of the time. Program discounts do not apply. Participating YMCAs reserve the right to restrict facility/program access. Nationwide Members are not eligible to bring in guests. Other restrictions may apply.

Visit for more information.