Virtual Only Membership at the YMCA

Our new Virtual Only Membership option will help you overcome the everyday challenges brought on by the pandemic while keeping you physically active and connected to your YMCA community. 

Enjoy all of these unique benefits of a virtual membership:

  • Convenient and Affordable: For $20/month, you will have full access to our on-demand virtual classes on Motion Vibe as well as our live-streamed classes in our private virtual studio group on Facebook. Stream our content anytime, anywhere! 
  • Familiar Faces: Enjoy the feeling of belonging with access to classes from local instructors you know and love. 
  • Flexibility and Variety: Choose from dozens of workouts based on your mood on any given day to develop a fitness routine that fits your needs. With virtual, you also gain the opportunity to try new formats with new instructors that may have never before fit your schedule! New workouts added weekly! 
  • Privacy: Virtual classes are private, removing peer pressure and alleviating the fear of trying something new to you. No more worrying about what you are wearing, how your hair looks or if you simply aren’t capable of 100% at the moment, but still want to move. 
  • Safety: In light of COVID-19, a Virtual Only membership. may be the perfect option for those who are immunocompromised or those who simply want to protect family and friends from potential infection. In addition, the workouts are safe, with proven results, led by our trained professionals. 

To start a Virtual Only membership, stop in at the front desk and fill out a membership form. Here you’ll get all the information you need to access our Virtual YMCA.  

To change your current YMCA membership to Virtual Only, please fill out our change request form by clicking here.

If your YMCA membership is currently on hold, get it restarted by filling out our form and selecting the Virtual Only option! Click here for membership restart form