MotionVibe Member Portal

Online reservations will be made through Motion Vibe. To create a Member Portal, please click here.

**You will need your YMCA Member ID. You can find this by logging into your YMCA account or by calling the front desk. Please note, this is NOT your barcode ID on your member card. For training on creating a Motion Vibe member portal, scroll to the bottom of this page.**

To make your reservation, log in your Motion Vibe member portal.

There are three locations available: Mankato Family YMCA, Front Street Studio and Chesley Skate Park. Make sure to select the location you need.

Youth open hours
(unless child is actively participating in a program)

All youth 11 years of age and under must always be accompanied by an adult*
One hour prior to the YMCA closing, youth 15 years of age or younger are not to be in the facility unless accompanied by an adult*

*Supervising adult is 18 years of age and older.

Online Reservations through MotionVibe

Online reservations will be required for certain areas of the YMCA. The following areas will require a reservation:

QUESTIONS? Email us at

Updating your Motion Vibe Account

To update your Motion Vibe account with your YMCA Member ID, please follow these steps:

  1. Log out of Motion Vibe on your device(s).
  2. Find your YMCA Member ID by logging in to your YMCA account or by calling the front desk.
  3. On the Member Login page, click “Sign Up Now”.
  4. Enter your name and in the Barcode box, put your YMCA Member ID. This will override your old account.

If you have questions? Email us at or give us a call!

Things to know:

  • Reservations can only be made 5 days in advance
  • Easily register and unregister for your reservation from the MotionVibe Member Portal homepage or on the Motion Vibe mobile app
    • Please unregister if you can no longer attend your class or time-slot
  • You will receive a notification two hours before your reservation as a reminder

MotionVibe Training

Watch this quick video to learn how to sign up and use MotionVibe.

Or Click here for a visual document to learn how to sign up for your MotionVibe Member Portal.

QUESTIONS? Email us at