YMCA Mobile App

It’s easier than ever to stay connected with the Y on the go! Our new and improved app will offer the same features as our old app plus so much more! Download the app today and connect it to your My Y Account.

Click here for instructions on downloading the new app today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I connect the Y mobile app with other fitness apps?

A. Yes! Under your profile, select Connected Apps. Then select which app(s) you want to connect. 

Q. What if my barcode isn’t working at the gate?

A. If your barcode is not working when you try to scan in at the front desk, you might have entered the wrong barcode number. You can verify your barcode number in your My Y Account, under Membership or ask the front desk to confirm your barcode number.

Q. What does “Take xCapture” mean?

A. xCapture is a quick way to track your workout by simply taking a photo of your cardio equipment control panel. Select which workout to capture, take a picture at the end of your workout and hit submit. Make sure you have a clear picture!

Q. What does having a Public Profile mean?

A. Having a public profile means your activity will show up in the Latest Activity Feed and Leaderboard within the app. These will only be visible to other members of the Y. If you do not want your profile to be public, you can change this under the privacy settings. 

Q. What are challenges?

A. Challenges are a way to stay engaged with other members! All challenges are created by Y Wellness staff. Members are encouraged to join and share your progress and success! 

Q. How do I view fitness class schedules?

A. There are two ways to view the fitness class schedule. Under Gym you will see Upcoming Classes at the top of the app. Click View All to see the entire schedule and to filter down classes. You can also view the schedule by selecting the + button in the top right-hand corner, then select Find a Class. 

Q. Do I need to book a class?

A. No, you do not need to book a class in order to attend any one of our fitness classes. Reservations are not required at this time.

Q. Why is my app icon not the Y logo?

A. If your icon is not showing the Y logo, you can change this under the app settings. Go to Settings > App Preferences > Use custom app icon > Switch on

More information will be coming soon, but if you have immediate questions, please email Liz at lzaruba@mankatoymca.org and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability. Thank you!