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Membership funds enable the YMCA to grow and develop our facilities and programs.

Membership Rates

Membership Type              Joining Fee
Youth                                  $10.00
Adult & Senior Adult             $30.00
Family & Senior Couple         $60.00

Membership Type                     Monthly Rates
Youth                                        $15.00 / Month
Adult (18-61)                             $46.50 / Month
Senior (62+)                              $39.50 / Month
Senior Couple (62+)                   $57.50 / Month
Family                                       $65.75 / Month

Towel/Kit Service can be added to 18+ memberships for an additional fee of $8.75 per month. Youth and FA towel/kit packages are not offered.

  • If you do not remain a member for the duration of any programming, you will be billed for the Non-Member rate of any programs registered for.
  • Memberships are continuous until the members requests cancellation by completing the membership cancellation form.
  • Full-time students 23 years of age and under can be part of their family’s membership.
  • Only full paying members with an annual membership receive a renewal notice.
  • Members receiving financial assistance must reapply annually.

Annual Rate Adjustment

All membership rates are subject to change with 30 days written notice. These rates are approved by the YMCA Board of Directors and are calculated to cover operating, maintenance and improvement expenses. Rates are to be adjusted one time for members regardless of then they join the Y. Notice of rate change will be posted on the website, in our brochure & e-newsletter, and around the facility.

Payment Plans

Bank (routing and account) & Credit/Debit Card Draft Monthly fee is drawn from the account on the 20th of each month. All returned payments may be subject to a $30 service fee. Payments are continuous until member completes cancellation process.

Payroll Deduction (Only certain companies apply) Your employer draws the monthly fee from your paycheck and forwards the payment to the YMCA.

Annual Full year of payment is collected at the time of sale. Annual memberships are good for one year and are renewable. Annually paid dues will not be increased during the 12 month term. Renewals are subject to current rates. We accept cash, check, money order, and all major credit cards.

*Members receiving financial assistance also have the option of making quarterly payments (3 months). Memberships are to be continuous. Lapse of membership will result in back payments.

Non-payment results in membership termination

Financial Assistance

The Mankato Family YMCA strives to make membership available to everyone. With support from the Greater Mankato United Way and funds raised through our annual Strong Community Campaign, individuals and families are provided assistance when they cannot afford the full rate. We use a sliding fee scale based on total household income and the number of household members. We require supporting documentation to verify household size and income, and we consider special circumstances when providing assistance. Recipients are expected to be responsible for a percentage of the membership cost. Qualification for YMCA financial assistance for membership is reviewed every year. *Note: Financial Assistance memberships do not receive renewal notices.

How do I apply?

  • Download the application at or pick one up at the front desk.
  • Return the completed application and copies of required documents to the Mankato Family YMCA.
  • Approval process may take up to 10 business days.

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Supporting the Health of Local Business The Mankato Family YMCA is proud to provide membership incentives for local companies that communicate our goals of youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. By making YMCA memberships accessible, these companies enhance and enrich the lives of their employees and families by opening the doors to the many programs offered at the YMCA. If your group, business or organization is interested in membership incentives at the Y, please call Kelly Agre at 345-9818 or


Membership Bank & Credit/Debit Card Drafts: We would hate to see you go, however if you choose to cancel your membership you must notify the YMCA in writing  by the 25th of the month prior to next membership draft.  Memberships are continuous until written request is given for termination. It is your responsibility to cancel your membership if you decide to discontinue use of the YMCA facility.

Payroll Deductions/Annual Memberships: We would hate to see you go, however if you choose to cancel your membership, you must provide the YMCA with a 30 day written notice. Memberships are continuous until written request is given for termination. It is your responsibility to cancel your membership if you decide to discontinue use of the YMCA facility.

Please note; re-starting a lapsed membership of 30 days or more may require a joining fee. Cancellation forms are available online and at the YMCA front desk. Cancellation inquiries should be emailed to Please fill out our cancellation form here.


Membership refunds are only permitted when there are extenuating circumstances that limited you from notifying the YMCA of your cancellation. These would need to be accompanied by proper documentation (i.e. doctor’s note). If you were incorrectly charged due to the YMCA’s failure to cancel or put the membership on hold, a full refund will be given as long as the refund is accompanied by proper documentation (i.e. hold form, cancel form, email, etc). Under these circumstances, the YMCA will not refund more than six months of membership at any given time. In the case that you receive a scholarship through our Financial Assistance program and you have been alerted that your rate will be expiring and have failed to provide renewal documentation, no refund will be given.

Youth Open Hours

• All youth 9 years of age and under must always be accompanied by an Adult* unless enrolled in a program

• One (1) hour prior to the YMCA closing, youth 15 years of age or younger are not to be in the facility unless accompanied by an Adult*

*Supervising Adult is 18 years of age and older

NOTE: Youth participating in a YMCA program or with a responsible party age 18 or older are not affected by the hours

Right to Deny Access

The Mankato Family Y reserves the right to deny access or refuse service to any person convicted of any offense related to violent crime, the sale, possession, and/or transportation of illegal substances. This also applies to if you are under the influence of illegal drugs or chemicals, narcotics or intoxicating beverages while on the premises. The YMCA conducts regular sex offender screenings on all members, participants, and guests.  If a sex offender match occurs, the YMCA reserves the right to cancel membership, end program, and remove visitation access.