Health and Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle with the help of certified health and nutrition coach, Amber Carson. Amber offers guidance, accountability and inspiration to help clients shift their behavior toward healthier habits by making step-by-step changes to their diet and lifestyle. The client will learn about new, healthy foods and the concept of primary foods. In this holistic program, Amber will also work with you on other areas of a healthy lifestyle including relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality. Instead of prescribing one diet or one way of exercising, Amber focuses on teaching clients to become self-sufficient by observing their own unique responses to various modifications and choosing health-promoting behaviors that work for them.

Each potential client will receive one 45-50 minute complimentary consultation which will include completing a Health History.

The program will include the following:

• Two 50-minute appointments each month for six months, which will include discussion of the client’s progress, recommendations and notes..We will meet in person at the YMCA.
• A variety of handouts, recipes, books, CDs, foods and/or other materials.
• Email support in between sessions.
• Recommendations that are enjoyable, easily integrated, and step-by- step to work toward the client’s goals.

Invest in your health: $195/month. The program is a 6-month commitment.