Summer Camp 2020 during COVID-19

Here you will find updated information, announcements, policy changes, online inquiry forms and more related to Summer Camp 2020 during COVID-19.

*Please use the update forms if your program was canceled or if something has changed and you’re no longer able to commit to the programming.


Summer Camp Update – May 15, 2020

Camp Patterson Update – May 8, 2020

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Payment Schedule

June Camps due May 22, 2020

July Camps due June 15, 2020

August Camps due July 15, 2020

New Camp Precautions

The Mankato Family YMCA Summer Camp Program will adhere to the following precautions provided by the CDC and Y of the USA:

  • Parents and visitors will be asked to refrain from entering the classroom and facility.
  • Camp Administration will take the temperature of each child and staff before they are given entry into the YMCA building, anyone with a temp over 100.4 will not be allowed in the YMCA. A Health Screen Assessment will also be facilitated to anyone portraying signs and symptoms of illness resembling COVID-19 throughout the day and anyone with a temp over 100.4 will be removed from the group and sent home. Children and staff must stay home for 48 hrs. symptom free before re-entry to the program.
  • We will deep clean/sanitize the classrooms throughout the day as well as each night
  • We will cancel all off campus bus field trips for 2020.
  • We will offer a variety of hands on program based activities that can be modified to allow for appropriate Social Distancing guidelines.
  • We will cancel the Half Day camp program. Current HD campers may transfer into a full day camp program for the corresponding week.
  • We will cancel the Teen Adventure Camp program. Current TA campers may donate the amount paid, transfer it to another child/program or request a refund.
  • We will offer 4 additional weeks of Pre-teen camp programming.
  • We will enforce hand washing/sanitizing procedures upon arrival and between activities
  • We will limit the amount of items brought from home to necessity only. Items from home must be kept in an enclosed bag no larger than a backpack. Sweatshirt, book, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, lunch if not participating in the school lunch program.
  • We will follow the recommendations from the Department of Health Services and not mandate campers to wear masks.
  • We will utilize multiple doors for drop off and pick up times. Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes to your morning commute. Doors will be open for 1 hour (7:30am-8:30am) with staff members to greet patrons, facilitate health screenings, take electronic documentation and allow campers access to their room
    • Kindergarten Clubhouse (entering kindergarten) Parents should park in the Mankato West High School parking lot, campers should enter through Door G leaving a 6ft space between campers.
    • Explorers (1st-3rd grade day camp) Parents should park in the YMCA parking lot, campers should enter through Door A leaving a 6ft space between campers.
    • Voyagers (4th-5th grade day camp) Parents should park in the YMCA parking lot, campers should enter through the front door leaving a 6 ft space between campers
    • Pre-teens (6th-7th grade day camp) Parents should park in the Mankato West High School parking lot, campers should enter through the North/East Emergency Exit stairwell climbing 3 flights of stairs to the second floor of the YMCA.
    • Horse Camp Parents may drop off campers at Pinewood stables or may drop off at the YMCA back south/west parking lot by YMCA buses. All riders will be required to wear a mask on the YMCA vehicle.
  • We will offer a shuttle service as well as curbside pick-up for 1 hour (3:30-4:30pm). Parents can call or text the youth program cell phone #507-995-9740 for shuttle service.
  • We will distance the contact of campers and operate with 1 staff to 9 campers per classroom. Campers will remain in the same group for the duration of the week. Please submit any ‘friend request’ to by May 22nd.
  • We will utilize multiple classrooms to be used for camp:
    • Kindergarten Clubhouse: Pepsi Rec room partitioned into separate rooms
    • Explorers day camp: Blue Gym partitioned into separate classrooms
    • Voyagers day camp: Livestrong & Racquetball court 1, 2, 3
    • Pre-teens day camp: Room 201 & Room 202
  • We will have a shortened time of operation. Eliminating Before and After Care options.
  • We will continue to explore the options pertaining to pool usage for this summer especially as the social distancing phases change.
  • We will continue to update our Facebook pages and the Summer Camp website.
  • We ask that you have a discussion with your child before attending camp on reasons why it’s important to social distance and how you can share your affection towards others (wave and give air 5’s).