Preschool Summer Camp 2020 During COVID-19

Here you will find updated information, announcements, policy changes, online inquiry forms and more related to Preschool Summer Camp 2020 during COVID-19.

*Please use the update forms if your program was canceled or if something has changed and you’re no longer able to commit to the programming.

Inquiry Form

Preschool Summer Camp Update/Cancellation Form: Click Here

Payment Schedule

June Camps due May 22, 2020

July Camps due June 15, 2020

August Camps due July 15, 2020


Please note that (2) Mini Day Camps have been canceled: Western Week (June 15-19) and Treasure Hunt Week (August 17-21).

New Preschool Camp Precautions

The only activity changes for our young campers are:

  • Swimming may not be an option. Until the YMCA pool is open we will substitute swimming with outdoor play and water play stations.
  • For Mini Day Camps and Kindergarten Prep Camps, our park destinations may change due to city ordinances. We still plan to ride the bus to parks, however, if playgrounds are not open we will choose parks where hiking, nature exploration, and large outdoor play spaces are still an option. We will also be spending time in our Busy Backyard, here at the YMCA.

The YMCA staff will adhere to the following precautions:

  • Parents will be asked to refrain from entering the classroom after they have signed in.
  • Each camper’s temperature will be taken upon arrival and parents or individuals dropping children off will be asked a few questions to ensure us that the camper is healthy and not showing any signs of sickness.
  • Campers will enter the building through DOOR E. Park in the West High School parking lot and a teacher will meet you at Door E (Northeast corner of YMCA). This entrance will lead campers up two small flights of stairs and will take us directly into our classroom.
  • We will clean and sanitize the classrooms throughout the day as well as each night.
  • We will enforce hand washing procedures upon arrival, before snack, between sensory activities, and after restroom usage.
  • We will limit the amount of items brought from home.
  • We will follow the recommendations from the Department of Human Services and NOT mandate children to wear masks.