Your Y Membership During COVID-19

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COVID-19 Mankato Family YMCA Membership Forms

Membership Restart: To restart your YMCA membership, please click here to fill out the form. See you soon!

Membership Change Request: To change your membership type, click here to fill out the form.

Membership Hold: If you are interested in putting a temporary hold on your YMCA Membership, please Click Here to fill out our form. At this time, memberships can stay on hold until members feel comfortable coming back to the Y.

Membership Cancellation: Will you consider keeping your membership active to help keep our YMCA operational during these uncertain times? We recognize this is a very uncertain time, but we are asking you to consider staying with us as we redirect our resources to support ongoing facility operations, daily childcare operations, and other potential community support, so that we can be here for you when the time comes. Thank you for believing in our mission and our cause. Thank you for your membership, for your support, and for your loyalty to our YMCA. We hate to see you go; to complete the membership cancellation form: Click Here.


All members are required to sign an updated waiver upon returning to the YMCA; one waiver per person. You will be asked to sign this waiver at the front desk on your first visit back. You can also download the waiver below, fill out the form and bring in the hard copy when you visit. Waivers cannot be emailed.

Individual Waiver
Minor Waiver

What to expect when you come back to the Y

Please note the following changes have been put in place at the YMCA in order to keep all members and staff safe.

  • Age Policy: Youth 11 and under, who are not in a program, are not allowed in the facility without an adult.
    • All youth must have an updated signed waiver on file before they can enter the YMCA, must be completed by a parent or guardian. These can be filled out at the front desk or downloaded online to bring to the front desk.
    • Youth 12 and over can use the Wellness Center and the pool. Youth 15 and older can use the Free Weight Room.
    • For any youth who want to use the Wellness Center and/or Free Weight Room, they must first complete a Wellness Center Youth Orientation. To schedule an orientation, please have a parent or guardian contact our Wellness Director, Zach at
    • Youth ages 10 and 11 can also use the Wellness Center if they have completed the Wellness Center Youth Orientation and a parent or guardian is also in the Wellness Center at the same time.
  • To help with lobby congestion, please use a membership card or the Mankato Family YMCA app for gate admittance
  • Members are encouraged to continue to conduct business and communication by phone and/or email
  • Many forms have been made available online and can be completed before coming to the Y
  • Members are encouraged to call in for registrations or call in advance to make an appointment
  • Please note: front desk staff may be limited to assist with Motion Vibe reservations, please use the Mankato Family YMCA app or visit our website at for online reservations. You can also email with questions.

NEW Policy Changes

The following changes have been implemented as additional safety measures. This will be in effect until it is otherwise noted.

  • Members must bring their own yoga mat for classes
  • Locker Room showers are open.
  • Only members of Minnesota Y’s will be permitted at this time under Nationwide Membership
  • No coffee or newspaper services at this time
  • No outside food to be permitted at this time
  • A public phone will not be available at this time; the front desk will be able to call on your behalf, if needed
  • Some programs will be using different entrances; this will be specified by each program

UPDATED Guests & Visitors Policies

The following changes have been implemented as additional safety measures. This will be in effect starting September 8 until it is otherwise noted. To view our full Guests and Visitor policies, including age restrictions, please click here.

  • Visiting YMCA Members from other Minnesota YMCAs are allowed to use the Mankato YMCA
  • Day guests and visitors must be a Minnesota resident to enter the facility. To prove residency, a Minnesota driver’s license or current mail with name and address will need to be provided with each visit.
  • All guests and visitors must have an updated waiver signed and on file.
  • All guests and visitors must have a reservation to use the facility, however reservations cannot be made for guests and visitors ahead of visit. Appointments can be made upon entry to the YMCA.
  • Updated Guests & Visitors Fees:
    • Guest: $2 per person
    • Youth: $10 per youth
    • Adult: $15 per adult
    • Family: $20 per family unit
  • For guests coming in with members, only two individual guests or 1 family unit are allowed per single adult member or family members.

Addition to the Mankato Family YMCA Membership Code of Conduct

The following is the Mankato Family YMCA’s addendum to the Membership Code of Conduct in response to COVID-19. The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists. This list outlines the safety protocols each member is expected to follow. The Mankato Family YMCA will follow CDC and State guidelines for physically distancing and cleaning protocols to ensure the safety of our members and the community. This list does not replace the Member Code of Conduct signed at the time of sign-up; it is in addition to those expectations. These expectations are subject to review and change as the mandate for safety during this pandemic change.

As a Member of the Mankato Family YMCA, I:

  • Follow all COVID19 procedures provided by the YMCA and as directed by any YMCA Staff.
  • Take responsibility for my own protections and disinfecting my hands and anything I touch in facility.
  • Agree not to come to the Y if I am feeling sick, or exhibiting any illness symptoms such as cough or fever.
  • Will be subject to a screen of my body temperature by a YMCA staff member and when asked to leave for the day if my temperature is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, will do so.
  • Will follow all social distancing policies of 6-10’ apart and as outlined by YMCA staff members whenever possible.
  • Will follow all cleaning procedures as outlined by YMCA staff members, including cleaning any equipment before and after use.