Stay Forever Fit! Did you know we offer a variety of classes and programs that recognize the exercise needs of adults 50+ years old? Enjoy improved strength, balance, and endurance in a low impact way with BODYPUMP™, BODYFLOW™, Low Impact Step, Low Impact HIIT, or any of our water aerobics classes. Increase flexibility and release stress with Gentle Yoga, Tai Chi, Simple Stretch, and Deep Stretch. Have a blast with your friends playing Drop-in Pickleball! Burn calories, maintain muscle, and feel younger at the Y!

LOW IMPACT STEP This 45 minute, beginner to intermediate, low impact step class is fun and easy to follow. You’ll burn fat and sculpt muscles while doing intense low impact step choreography mixed with high intensity bursts of cardio and strength training. This class is ideal for beginners or those with injuries requiring a low impact workout but also for all fitness levels, with options given for those who want to step it up a notch.

GOLDEN RHYTHMS Low impact cardio for all levels. Dance your way through fun Latin, international, and hit songs with easy to follow moves.

LOW IMPACT HIIT utilizes one of the best training methods for fat loss in a low impact way! High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best ways to burn fat because it increases your metabolism long after your exercise session has ended, not just during it. In this class you will get all the benefits of HIIT but without the extra stress on your joints. Timed intervals may incorporate movements taken from step aerobics, kickboxing, body weight training, and more! For those who want it, high impact options can be given. No complex choreography to follow. Simple, effective, and fun!

BODYPUMP™ The world-famous group barbell program that challenges every major muscle in your body using all the best weight room exercises like squats, curls, lifts, and presses. Adjustable weights along with inspiring music and simple choreography allow you to get fit in record time. Boosts your endurance, increases your strength, and speeds up metabolism for rapid fat burning.
BODYPUMP™ Express 35-minute version of BODYPUMP™

BODYFLOW™ The Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. (Please bring your own mat).

BODYFLOW™ STRENGTH This is a 35-minute format focusing on strength. Class consists of sun salutations, standing strength, balance, and core (abdominals and back) and ending with forward bends. (Please bring your own mat).

BODYFLOW™ FLEXIBILITY This is a 35-minute format focusing on flexibility. Class consists of a tai chi warm- up, sun salutations, hip openers, twists, forward bends, and ending with relaxation. (Please bring your own mat).

TAI CHI The Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Program is an ancient practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical well-being. Class uses gentle sun-style routines that are safe, easy to learn, and suitable for every fitness level.

SIMPLE STRETCH The perfect start to the day! Class may include a walking warm-up, light calisthenics, and entire body stretches. Perfect for all levels and abilities.

The following SilverSneakers® and Silver & Fit® programs are for Medicare Health Plan eligible members 65+ years or older or on disability. These programs give access to the Y and programming appropriate for active, older adults.

SILVERSNEAKERS® CLASSIC Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activities for daily living. Hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers® ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available if needed for seated or standing support.

SILVERSNEAKERS® CIRCUIT Combine fun with fitness to increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance power with a standing circuit workout. Upper body strength work with hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles, and a SilverSneakers® ball is alternated with low-impact aerobic choreography. A chair is used for standing support, stretching, and relaxation exercises.

CHAIR YOGA Yoga class that moves your whole body through a complete series of seated and standing Yoga poses. Chair support is offered to safely perform all exercises. Restorative breathing exercises and final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.